Foundations I am loving for summer

Jun 15, 2020

Much to my disbelief, it’s somehow JUNE… which means that it’s time to get your summer foundations ready. I am incredibly picky when it comes to foundation (emphasis on incredibly). So honestly, if I find one I can tolerate or even ENJOY, I will absolutely be sharing. So let’s get into it.

Givenchy Teint Couture Balm. I’ve been wearing and raving about this one for YEARS. It is technically a balm, not a foundation, and is formulated to look and feel like a second skin- which it does. It is blurring, and makes you glowy but not oily (it’s oil free). It is 12 HOUR WEAR! Overall, I adore the texture and how it makes my skin look. I apply with my hands and it takes 2 seconds. Tbh, I think Givenchy does base products INCREDIBLY and this is no exception. Only con, the shade range is trash- sad. But if your skin tone is similar to mine, you’re in luck. I alternate between shades 5, 6, and 7 depending on the time of year.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Hydrating Longwear Foundation. Y’all. You already know this is my full coverage fave. I did not like the original Fenty foundation, and I am oily so I was hesitant to try this. But when I did- OMG. Life changed forever. I found this when my acne was it’s worst, and this gave me confidence every day. It is absolutely stunning and FULL FULL coverage, but looks exactly like skin. It’s super hydrating and glowy but does not make me an oil slick at all. I wear 240, 260, and 290 depending on time of year.

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation – I’ve posted about this before on this blog so I will repeat myself because it is worth it. I love this stuff because it is a good medium coverage that can be built up or sheered out for a very natural look, very glowy, super suuuuper long wearing, and a great olive undertone for my skin. It has a nice stick to it so the rest of my makeup holds tight to it all day. I wear shade 2WO.

Dior Backstage face and body foundation- This foundation is the most sheer/light coverage of the bunch, but absolutely buildable. The stay power is immaculate because it issuitable for face and body. It is water, sweat, and heat resistant- and formulated to look like natural skin- which it absolutely does. This is my good skin day FAVORITE. Ps- it can survive workouts if you have somewhere to go after the gym- you’re welcome.

Tarte BB tinted moisturizer– Sadly, I am pretty sure they are replacing this product soon so get it while you CAN. I love this. I love it so much. I never want them to replace it. It’s perfect for the pool, beach, summer days in general. It’s hydrating, blurring, and makes you look amazing without looking like makeup. Its also packed with vitamin a, c, e, amazonian clay, and (my favorite) collagen. Truly couldn’t ask for more.

I hope you find your new summer fave! Let me know what your favorite foundation is in the comments 🙂



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